Monday, October 27, 2008


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Assalamualaikum & Salam Sejahtera..

Err.. first, I would like to express that I feel quite funny to have my own blog, while creating this blog also I 'sengih2'. Dunno y..huhuhuhu.. Let me laugh first. Hahahahahahahaha...Wakakakakaka.. Adeehh.. ok, enough. Thank you.

Ok, let me introduce to all of you out there the owner of this blog, definitely is me. Her name is Nur Syafiqah binti Ahmad Termidi, was born in Taiping, Perak. She's going to 20, on 21st January 2009... 87 days more to go. Unfortunately, she's not happy as she feel sooooo old when up to '2' digit. Huhuhuhu... Right now, she's in Universiti Malaysia Pahang (UMP), taking Computer Science (Computer System & Networking) for the intake 08/09. Used to study in Penang Matriculation College, in One-Year-Programme. Live in Kepala Batas, Pulau Pinang. Here's the address, you may send invitation cards, 'kad raya' or whatever you insist to give her (birthday gift is the most she expected..hihihi) : No. 2, Lorong Seri Indah 3, Taman Seri Indah, 13200 Kepala Batas, Seberang Perai (U), Pulau Pinang. I guess that's all for right now... Have no idea lor what to add..almost 4 a.m. right now. hurmm.. we'll see next time. Nyte yar..


grapeachoco said...

as I'm the 1st reader.....:
bangga seyh.....
ak nk komen cket..
pehal skema sgt ko nyer blog nie?
poyo r beb..
tp xpe..
1st blog kn?
bley improve lg nie
wakaka(ak gelak ter-golek2)(rolf)
sory la ek..
bahase kureng cket
tahniah sbb berjaya dh wat blog snirik
ak nie ble lg ek?

gra said...

mne gmbo ko yg senget tu weh?
dh delete ke?

grapeachoco said...

saje je nk pnuhkn comment...

grapeachoco said...

yg gra tu state for grapeachoco taw...
ak slh taip
x abes taip lg dh tertekan enter...
selamat maju jaya wat blog

~ f i Q ~ said...

ahahahahaha... tq tq tq

mohd khairul najmie said...


~fiQ~ said...

tq namie..hehehhehe